About OneSpace

Talk is cheap.
Implementation is the real work.
Ideas are a dime a dozen: ten cents is dirt cheap, so are ideas. If an idea actually generates some action, that’s a different story, but who knows how that happens? I don’t. OneSpace has always been about collaboration – people and effort in the same space, they already occupy. The Newest OneSpace is a kind of challenge – like the John Lennon album, “Walls and Bridges,” suggesting we live in a world of both, both our own creation. Fake barriers that don’t really exist, but seem as real as stone.
Walls offer protection, or the appearance of protection. Walls, like the Great Wall of China, become obsolete. New walls, like gated communities, are purchased by the few, for the few. And some walls, do serve useful purposes. Individuals alone don’t make walls – we have help, from media (driven by economic incentives), politicians (driven to sell), and, not incidentally, by technological innovation, creating glowing islands connected to other glowing islands – walking, talking, listening, typing, watching – in one space.
Postings are in various stages of completion, as this is more of a personal diary than active news site – being written by one person as it were.
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