Who Are You?

You see someone on the street and walk up to them and say, “Hi, my name’s Phil, or Jane.” And they say, “Well, hello, nice to meet you, the name’s Mary, or William, nice day for a stroll isn’t it?” And you say…What the hell is going on here, is this a dream? People don’t just walk up to someone on the street and begin talking, well, not unless they have an agenda up their sleeve. Maybe you don’t actually say all that, you’re just having a dream after all.

Have you ever seen someone, anyone, and were curious enough, or in need of contact or directions (men?), or just plain wished there were fewer social barriers – maybe you recall incidents from the late sixties when such behavior was possible, and now the world just seems so…lifeless – unless you are texting or mp3-ing, that is (you’ll have to decide if that behavior works like human contact).

Well, cheer up – now there’s a, W.A.Y., stands for, Who Are You? Just put this button on, assuming you wish to avail yourself of who-knows-who, and off you go, ready for adventure.

It’s a brave new world. Are you up for it?