Into It: Interviews With Work

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Recorded interviews that took place in 1994. Deciding to do this was just one of those crazy things: you get an idea and for some reason, get excited about doing it. When I think about it, it’s not really all that strange an idea, not for someone like me who is just curious about, well, many things. It was an excuse to meet some very interesting people and to poke into their lives. Just between you and me, doesn’t that sound great? Only thing, it took a lot of work.

Transcribing spoken words from recordings at that time was arduous – no speech recognition software – just a foot pedal on a tape playback machine. Tape? What’s that? Spending two weeks of a summer vacation listening to recorded interviews – sloooowly. It was worth it.



Film/Video Producer
Rehab Councilor for Homeless
Child Life Counselor
NYC Police Sergeant
Modern Ballet Dancer
Politician, Town Supervisor
Music Instrument Repair/Performer
Accountant/Olympic Athlete
Flight Instructor
Human Rights Activist
Economist, Low Income Housing
ESL Teacher
Nature Photographer
Animal Social Worker