New York Shadow: Behind The Scenes

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172 photographs, black-and-white and color.

Each of these chapters is a story about New York City, and of course, the experience of the person taking the pictures. I suppose I could be referred to as “an accidental photographer” because I never thought about becoming one, even though I have mountains of prints and boxes of negatives; sometimes, however, we become what we least expect, in spite of ourselves.

It’s always “the new era.” It goes without saying that this twenty-first century era is markedly different from previous ones. It goes without saying, except to notice the difference. Today’s New York City appears denser in terms of people and vehicles (bicycles included), and faster – everywhere all the time. Certainly faster in comparison to previous eras. I wonder if the staff in Bellevue Hospital today would, or could, stand still long enough to be photographed. And if they did, would they appear to be as relaxed as in the scenes shown here.

All photographs are presented full-frame, that is, without cropping, and also without alterations other than brightness and contrast adjustments for printing.


Coney Island, 1965
Night from a Car Window, 1965
The Feast of San Gennaro, Little Italy, 1971
Manhattan, Washington Heights, c. 1972
Bellevue Hospital, 1982
Times Square from a Bus, 2000
NYC Outtakes, 1970 – 2009
West Side, Lower Manhattan, 2018

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