Community Risk Management: Provoking Responsive, Transparent Local Government

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Managing risk, or gains and losses, is making two lists:
one of the positive factors, the other of the negative factors, for just about any issue you want to resolve. You then compare the two to see which offers the most gain for the least loss. This process can be applied to virtually any community-based issue that requires a solution. Here’s that story.

A big part of what makes a community function is the ability everyone has to communicate with each other – everything from neighbors talking across the fence, to a budget report from the local government. Community is also caring how we communicate.

Local governments are being challenged to clearly demonstrate their effectiveness and their relevance. Local governments are also being challenged by, among other things, misinformation, disinformation, and apathy. They need help, and the help they need most is with the relationships they have with their communities. More specifically, the connections with their community.

Better connections often translates to improved networking and greater transparency: information that is more relevant to people’s lives. This is what communities need and what governments can provide. Governments can offer a formal community risk-management process.

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