Into It: Interviews With Work

These are transcriptions from recorded interviews that took place in1994. At the time, a book of job-related interviews did not attract much attention, that is, besides Studs Terkel’s Working. Interviewing a range of different kinds of people was an amazing experience. For me, it was an excuse to meet someone very interesting and to ask questions about their lives – how often do you get the chance to do that? Transcribing spoken words from recordings at that time was arduous –no speech recognition software – just a foot pedal on a tape playback machine.

These transcript are only edited to remove some ums, and ohs, and my questions and comments. It does seem as though they are telling a story – and they are – but actually it was a conversation. It’s life stories: experiences told from a subjective viewpoint, bringing the human experience to where we can see it – each story spoken in the language of the inventor.

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