Sculpture, Wood

All of these, with the exception of Touched by Nature, are painted plywood, each about 4′ wide. All were created over a period of 2

Sculpture Graphics

All images are Giclée prints on archival matte heavy weight paper. Purchase information. Prints were rendered from photos of wood sculptures: Wood Sculpture page.

Losing With Facts

Trying to win with facts is like a boxing match using pillows instead of boxing gloves: you and your opponent will likely score a lot

Black and White

All images shown here or elsewhere on this site are available for purchase as Giclée prints. A limited number – some shown here – are

Explaining Away Complaints

Many local governments have a problem: they know it, they ignore it, and it doesn’t go away. This problem goes by different names, like –

Something for Reference Librarians

The reference librarian should be at the very center of community life. Explain please. I’ll explain. It all begins with a directory of locally available services and

I love reference librarians.

I’ll bet that’s a sentiment not often expressed these days. Not due to any fault of the librarians, but for the tectonic-like shift in their

From Rags to Riches

Not exactly rags to riches: but from risks to resources. Let’s try and manage communities – villages, towns, cities – by connecting dots, or as