Concerned about what?

We believe, somewhat ironically, that it is as difficult if not more difficult, for individuals to make personal contact - in a world saturated with communication tools, corporate media, and internet business.

We hold that, whether it's print, pictures, or speech, individuals need access to methods of communication that enable them to effectively circumvent barriers and come closer to the information source, whether it be personal or bureaucratic.

Concerned Connections promotes the innovative use of various communication media that address significant issues impacting how people live. In other words, we are addressing the relationship of the individual to community, and how that can best be communicated in media. Ours is always a work in progress.

We also believe that success in community living can be a (natural) cure for many forms of cultural and social ills that affect us personally. Influence local community, and you can affect society and its institutions. We believe that a more direct connection - whether it is to a media source, a corporation, or an elected official - can result in communities that function better and environments that feel better.


Sincerity / honesty

In a world dominated by hi-power marketing tools and the desire to make a profit, honesty, in some subtle and not-so-subtle ways, can take a back seat. We strive to present information that is accessible, accurate, and understandable.


We believe that success in community living can be a natural cure for many forms of cultural illness that affect us personally. We support communication that supports individuals and organizations, while respecting different beliefs and cultures.


It's a serious world, so we try to remind ourselves when we can, of the positive - that a joyful expression can help celebrate the good in life.

Added value

Bring the practical concerns of life together with more creative and progressive works - to be a continual reminder of the good works that people do.