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On this page you will find news of changes, improvements, and problems. Please alert us to any problems you may be experiencing. Or let us know if you have any suggestions or comments. If you wish, you can use our questionnaire to respond.

System status

8/30/2010 Removed database, installed static index page. postanotice is closed.
Any contact:

Our main page now shows a selection of sample postings. Tell us if you want your notice shown here - email Service issues.

Check to see if your organization is listed, if not, consider posting using your organization name.


Time flies - next thing you know, Barack Hussein Obama is elected president...

And we are still working on this site, with some modifications coming - cant' say we're not tenacious!

In the meantime, any issues come up, please contact us at the following address:


Well, the site crashed, and we reset it - having a bit of trouble with Verizon's DSL, from home, in connecting top/ip, their tech support was not useful.

A lot has happened - to me - in the last year. Postanotice has been outshined by the likes of facebook, and myspace, but we will continue to keep this going, maybe for a very long time, just for spite. More on this later.


Fixed. Everything works, or should I say, should be working now.


The system is not sending out emails - not for postings, or friend notification, or resending edit/del emails. We're working on it.

10/10/2006 is now current.


Main page now works. One remaining issue we have is fixing meetings so is current.


The main page featured notice text body is not visible, but will be soon. As far as we know, all functions are now working fine. We fixed problems with picture edit - pictures can now be changed or deleted.


A few more fixes, mostly on our main page, and then we will do a small mailing to organizations. We want to get the message out that this is a free service, assisting organizations and individuals.


We are in the middle of redesigning our help section (About). And we admit we stole the main page design from Google - why reinvent a good wheel? We are also redesigning the main category pages (most are near finished), and the main index page (still needs fixing). Site functionality in terms of posting, searching, etc., should be OK. Please let us know if you find otherwise. Thanks.


Yes, the new version is running. There is still one bug, that will go away in a few days - resending emails formally used in posting - sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. But we think everything else works - if you find otherwise, please tell us.


The changes to the database and html are completed. We now just need the time, about a day, to backup, upload, and test the new site. We should be able to finish this by the end of June - 2006. The changes will offer a slightly improved face, plus a faster database, clearer instructions, and improved search functions. Feedback is welcome.


Latest estimate is mid June.


It's clear that our projections do not reflect reality. Our current date for implementation of the new site is mid May. Let's see what happens. In the meantime, the site does work; the coming changes are additional functions, and cosmetic updates.


Nope, not two weeks; we're still working on the new site. We could say "two weeks more," and really mean it, but we got it wrong last time. But we really do mean it, and we think the upgrade will be great.


Here it is, well into 2006, and we have not finished our redesign and update. Much of the design changes have been implemented, and most of the updated functionality work has been completed, but not yet implemented. We are now expecting the updates to take effect within two weeks. Yup, two weeks.


We will perform a comprehensive update within the next month. This will provide increased database speed and enhanced search functions. Additionally, we will be adding meeting listings from and several other services.


It seems we have got the bugs out; sorry for any inconvenience.


Posting problem - you can post, and it will be held in our system, but sending you an email to complete the posting DOES NOT WORK. We're still making changes and apparently one of them did not work. It will be fixed soon. And one more bug - if you enter an email address at the bottom of the posting page (for posting only, not displayed), you will get a security violation error (whatever that means). When you shouldn't.


Face-lift of main pages is complete...for now.

We are adding additional search functions to "Search interests & organizations." Also adding ability to add picture to notice by linking to a web site instead of uploading.


Fixed. Everything is working again. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Postings do not work! Database problem - will fix ASAP.


It's true - we are altering the graphic look, and simplifying some search functions so they are easier to use. The basic functions are unchanged; these are mostly esthetic changes.


The site is back to normal. Repaired database connection, and set up monitoring so hopefully this does not happen again. We can hope, can't we?


The site is down; it broke. We hope to have it back up within a day.


September begins a new phase - we're still in BETA testing, but as of this date all major functions are working as they should. Some enhancements remain to be implemented (e.g. area of interest search modifications, and organization submission form), and testing will continue for the next few months.

12 Aug 2005

We know there's a bug - state searches don't work.

14 July 2005

During July, we are finishing the last of the minor upgrades and fixes - 98% of the site works fine - no problems reported.

3 July 2005

Finished database upgrade. Posting should be normal. Still upgrading zip code searches - not all categories have it yet.

1 July 2005

This is an upgrade of the server and the database - adding several features, one of which is the ability to search by distance from Zip Code. Please do not post until 7/4/05 - actually you can, but the posting will likely disappear in a few days..

23 June 2005

The database is being upgraded in the next few days.
Do not post until 7/1/05 7/4/05

22 June 2005

Speed is back up. Community database problem fixed.

21 June 2005

Server is very slow all afternoon. Cause unknown.

18 June 2005

System is back, but still a problem with personals, and community is waiting for a database upgrade.

17 June 2005

The site is down - BETA test issues. Will be back up within 24 hours.

5 June 2005

All other categories are functional.

1 June 2005

There is a bug in Personals, searching. We are still adjusting our database on the server. BETA testing in personal may take several weeks.


June, 2005 was the birthday of Postanotice.

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