What I Don’t Understand, Is What God Is: eyesight, vacuum, and time.

Photo by Pakaln

I mean this literally – MY GOD IS: vacuum, time, and eyesight, as in sensate experience. God is what I don’t understand. I am not one of those who can say, “I know what God is.” I believe there are people who do feel they know God, and I can not address what someone else says they know.

Look at the picture above, what does it tell you? That, in the “developed” world, we have a lot of stuff. See the guy checking out the orange? Well, really, he’s not. What does he actually see? Nothing. You are not seeing what you are looking at, you are seeing what your brain lets you to see. All the pictures we see are fabrications of the mind; reflected light stimulates cells which create the illusion of a material world in front of us.

If this all sounds like a lot of something over nothing, I don’t blame you for thinking that way. But if you do think that, I believe you are missing the point, so astounding as to be somewhat incomprehensible- EVERYTHING I see “out there” is not actually seen out there, but created by my brain to appear to be “out there.”

The point for me is not a philosophical one: it is, our sensate world IS consciousness. The point for me is what, in God’s name, IS that picture in front of me? If it’s not what it appears to be. It’s even difficult to say – I “see” a picture, but it is not of the thing in front of me, it is quite literally, a picture out of my brain. But a picture non-the-less.

A picture I am not holding and looking at, so what is it? I believe the only answer anyone has is, consciousness. That’s a word. But I see a picture, so the word does not answer anything for me. Consciousness is creates its own sense of itself.

Photo by Pakaln

Time. Presumably, we all think we know what that is, or at any rate, what it does – it moves on, onward until we die, and then, well, it’s up for grabs. But what is it? Do you believe it can be traveled in, as with a “time machine, through a dimension?” A dimension? Seems reasonable.

Time is at least a concept by which we measure things, change. We say time exists because we experience change – entropy, for example – and we can compare change to the vibrations of an atom (once it was the angle of the sun right?), and we think we have found “time.” But what we have found is change.

Photo by Pakaln

Vacuum. Is when you have removed all matter from a given space. Space, with nothing in it – what is it? It’s not nothing, it’s space. Space? With nothing it it – what is that!?

For me, that trap is in thinking that for everything, there must be an answer, if only we had the tools or the wherewithal. That knowing MUST go beyond simply giving names to things and how things behave. Mustn’t there be final facts that will tell us what something really is?