“What happens to full-time RVers when they cannot take care of their own or their spouse’s needs following an illness, injury, surgery, or the progression of a long-term health situation?”

CARE answers the question.

Escapees CARE Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (tax-exempt) corporation formed in 1992 and is under the guidance of a volunteer board of directors.

Friends may offer to help, not realizing that a “little help” will become a need for extensive help with no end in sight. Is it fair to put that burden on neighbors or relatives who have their own lives to live? There has to be a better alternative than depending on neighbors or trading your RV home for a land-based residence. There is!

It is located in Livingston, Texas, and it is called CARE (Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees). Its mission is to provide a safe haven with professional assistance at affordable prices for members whose travels are permanently ended because of age or temporarily interrupted because of health problems.

CARE is a place where you will receive professional help for the things you may no longer be able to do. It is not a nursing home. Its goal is to delay or eliminate the need for a nursing home.

* More Information About Escapees CARE, Inc. *

* CARE provides three meals and a snack seven days a week.
In 2007 CARE served 35,832 meals and in 2008 they served 42,303 meals.

* CARE schedules all medical appointments for most of its 48 residents and provides transportation to and from the appointments as many residents no longer drive.

* CARE has an LVN (nurse) on duty eight hours on every business day.

* For the adult day care program CARE provides a secure day room and two CNAs (certified nursing assistants) who provide monitoring, games, exercise and much more for the residents and clients.
* The atmosphere at CARE is more like a RV rally and is nothing like a nursing home.
And those are just some of the services provided at CARE. Escapees CARE, Inc. is able to provide its services at a very affordable fee due to the generosity of Escapees RV Club members through their donations and volunteering.