I need an adjustment! Wealy wealy bad!



Spoiler Notice!

I haven’t seen this film, so I haven’t a clue what it’s about, other than what I see here in this promo – so, be forewarned, I have definite opinions that relate to almost nothing contained in this movie.

You’ve been warned. I have been warned – my fate is in the hands of a Hollywood producer.

Why is it, that what we all know is bull, is received with such attention as though it were real? I know the answer – you know the answer – it is entertainment. And for entertainment to work, it must seem real.

No, that’s not true. Otherwise reading a story from a book (or reader) would be obvious, but it’s not, yet we still react. It’s the imagination. But the job of Hollywood is to reduce the imagination to the function of an idiot light. Isn’t it?

Something obvious. Something quite noticeable, direct, unambiguous. I think that about defines it – Hollywood style production. But oh, is this just a Hollywood bashing? What-a-bore. How un-entertaining.

We could leave it at that – un-entertaining, with no explanation, no direction, with nothing to engage…unless YOU were to provide the inspiration,he t “adjustment.” But where, exactly, would that leave you? Not a good question? But that’s a real question. Not an engaging lead-on, from which you will be taken for a mental-ride through the jungle of doubt, down to the joy of release.

If all of them, out there in make believe land, are just like all of us – that IS what reality TV is about, isn’t it? If all of “them” is like all of “us,” then why do I need all of them? Take away the TV and the big screen, and we are all on the same playing field, right?

But the game is not the same, and adjustment is no adjustment.