About OhNoOhYes

OhNoOhYes is a reaction and an answer to the human condition: Oh No, it can’t be happening! Oh Yes, it can. Oh No, it can’t be this bad? Oh Yes, it can. Oh No, there are no options. Oh Yes, there are.

Everything here, or associated with this site, is personal opinion, a journal of sorts – expressions of ideas, frustrations, hopes, and hopelessness. I take some of this very seriously, some not – what your reactions are are yours not necessarily mine. Created by Alan Pakaln, who worked as a clinical engineer and has long-standing interests in Permaculture, Intentional Community, community, westchestercommunityservices.net, and art, artistheaddress.com

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Below are remnants of projects, many of which were never attempted.

News about, and from, interest groups and organizations – determined by those groups. Presented without editorial control or comment – without preference as to left, right, black, white, “right” or “wrong.” Organizations and groups will post notices concerning what they perceive to be news-worthy events, and/or issues that relate to their work. Imagine juxtaposing news from a wide range of groups, searchable, categorized, and sorted by issue and date. One goal would be to actually encourage opposite points of view, to attempt to stir interest and expose all sides to..all sides. This is a demo-only site, non-working, illustrative only.

This was a project begun with one friend, before either of us had heard of craigslist (about two years after craigslist started). Looking back, it was naive to think just the two of us, on a shoestring budget, could create a market site, based only on notions of the idealistic kind. Such is life and learning. The following was one of the introductions to this site: “A notice posting service assisting people in locating basic needs such as housing, jobs, and social activities, as it provides information on a wide range of social and environmental issues. The service will bring people into closer contact with different issues, and the organizations working in these areas. Goals for individuals: fulfill personal needs such as housing, jobs, interests, hobbies, social activities, dating, economic and support functions. Provide comprehensive listings of organization meetings, local support groups, events, and media. Goals for organizations: Assist organizations in gaining greater exposure, and developing closer relationships with the public and their members – bringing resource-oriented material together with personal issues, and assisting organizations in increasing a level of interaction amongst their membership.”

Projectmart – or P-Mart, presents an easy way for customers making a purchase to also make a contribution to specific projects, organizations, or large scale efforts, that help people and the planet. It also makes it easier for any commercial entity to associate themselves with a wide range of issues as well as specific projects.

“2008-2018-Not Sustainable” – this was my beginning – for fun – into the sustainability scene.

Issues Not Spin – “Challenging news organizations to add a segment to their reporting, standardizing the presentation of issues important in a given election. This is not a “fairness in media” effort, but the promotion of a specific format in a news segment, by which news organizations–whether print, radio, or video–would display and compare a given set of issues. The purpose of this format would be to enable better tracking and comparison of relevant issues, day to day, over the course of an election. The point of doing that would be to offer an alternative to image oriented news, and spin, or sound-bite cliche’s and jargon by the various candidates and parties. The purpose is to promote–not directly implement–the use of standard formats, unique to each media. The purpose is not to tell news organizations how they must present the news, but to encourage a shift that offers an alternative to reporting that is manipulated by spin masters.”

Treetop Library Resources – “The mission of Treetop Library Resources is to increase interest in libraries, reading, and in a wider range of reading material, than is generally found in local libraries. Added to the more traditional review sources librarians rely on to select reading material, Treetop Library Resources would provide reviews and distribution information regarding a wider range of material including non-traditional items such as zines, self-published books, and minor or independent publishers.”

Its Not a Game Game – “News is entertainment, and entertainment is news.” How can we expose a new generation to the significant issues affecting our lives and the life of the planet – when we must compete with the likes of youtube, myspace-styled networks, and gaming? INAGG supports the use of computer gaming for the purpose of educating people and funding projects and organizations.

Connecting Neighbor To Neighbor (2007) – “Being green” is now a familiar notion – replace your light bulbs with fluorescent, and recycle – with familiar practical activities we can participate in. As issues of global non-sustainability impact our environment, it may become desirable or necessary to alter our lifestyles in other ways.

Age Without Borders (2007) – “Facilitate local communities in bringing older and younger people together in a variety of social and educational settings. Age Without Borders will address: isolation of both youth and elderly; generation gaps and misunderstandings; social skills and experiences; education programs and tutoring.”

Earth Campground – old idea but still sounds good to me, on my wish list of things either I or someone else should do.